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Indian Art & Artifacts
Welcome To my Site!
Indian Art and Artifacts

Indian Art and Artifacts

Showing and selling Contemporary and Ancient Native Art. 
I am non-native but my interest dates back 55 years from the age of 5  when I found my first artifact. 
 I collect antiquities from the Americas and carve Northwest motif items which interest me.  I have always been intrigued by Native cultures that flourished for thousands of years.  The knowledge and skill of these people can be glimpsed by appreciating their tools and art.  

Some of my carvings are for sale.  Please visit my Carving Gallery to see my carving interests.  Also, in the Carving Gallery are step by step pictures of a Bear Mask,  a Raven Mask, and an Orca Sculpture.  These pictures show in sequence the item being carved.

I included a Artifact Museum gallery to share pictures of some of my collection of ancient stone tools and art.

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